Weekend Update

This weekend, the kids and I took a trip to Ohio, to my hometown, while Waylon stayed back home to work on some projects in the house. We got to enjoy a car trip with my mom and visiting my dad and family, as well as my grandparents. 

Some highlights were: making memories with my kids in my favorite place growing up (my grandparent's house); hearing Judah make up songs in the car about all modes of transportation; seeing Clara giggle as she found out she could chew on her toes on the ride home; and watching Levi's love bank get full in quality time with grandpa working on puzzles (a cool wood one that grandpa made, no less.) I loved seeing family, and loved longing to be reunited with my husband and settle back into the comforts of our home. 

Some pics from the Ohio end:

And pics on the Kentucky end....Rearranging/organizing the kitchen:

 Painting Clara's Room:

Grateful for my hardworking husband and time with family.


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