Naming Our Son

And so it is another season of getting to give a new life a name. What a wonderful thing, really. Linking a name to a person for the rest of their life--this is an honor. I remember beginning to think about how important the meaning or story behind a name is while I spent a summer in Central Asia in college. It seemed almost everyone I met there would introduce themselves something like this, "My name is Ferengeza, which means 'wild flower.'" I loved the idea of their names feeling fond to them and having a story.

So each time we have the honor of naming a child we take it seriously. We want them to know something about themselves from their name. Each of our children's names, and their meanings, have been a direction of prayer for them over and over. Judah Daniel, we pray would be a man of praise with great integrity. Levi David, we pray would be like the Levites, fearing God above all else, turning others from sin, and becoming a man after God's own heart. Clara Grace, we ask that she would be a bright light for Jesus, knowing the empowerment of His grace and extending it to others around her. It amazes me, that even though none of my kids are following Jesus at this point, I already see some of these things taking root in their lives. 

And so, drum roll, please....our newest son is:

Samuel Justus.

Samuel means "heard of God". Our son has been a true miracle to us. Every child is a miracle, yet his story is unique in our hearts. Samuel began with a twin. We learned early on, at about 9 weeks, that his sibling was going to be with Jesus. Yet his life remained, so graciously willed by God. We faced a season of several scares and ER visits. We prayed, if God would, to please allow us to receive this life. And He has. He has heard. 

Justus was a believer and companion to Paul mentioned in the book of Colossians. Paul called Justus (meaning "just") "a comfort unto me." Comfort, to soothe in time of affliction or distress....this has been the story of our son thus far. He has brought us comfort already in his 21 weeks of life. 

So, we are happy to announce, our son, Samuel Justus Clemmons. May he be tender to the voice of God, as Samuel was, and bring comfort to many.


  1. "May he be tender to the voice of God, as Samuel was, and bring comfort to many." That is beautiful!


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