Big Question

So the big question we're all asking around here is....

I thought it was a girl all along, up until recently. Then I had a dream it was a boy. Now I am just certainly uncertain :)

Do you believe in the wive's tales? You know....carrying low or high, wide or in front, what you crave, the heartbeat? I'll leave you with a shot of me and the kids from today and share some of those details. Then you decide :)

  • Carrying low and wide, very low...back is feeling it! 
  • Craving meat, salty foods, salads & hot sauce (very typical list for all my pregnancies).
  • Heartbeat has been in the 130's and 140's. 
  • Had more morning sickness and fatigue early on than usual.
  • Have not noticed a change in my emotions. 
  • We are very certain of a girl name and have nothing for a boy.

So what do you think???


  1. I say boy! For no reason except that there's a little boy growing in my belly. :)

    1. P.S. You look so great! Oh how I wish we were near for belly pictures together. Please give all four of those precious kiddos kisses for me. Though I'd be very impressed if you could reach your belly...have Clara! :)

    2. That would be wonderful to be closer to you! Kissing the kids for you this morning :)


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