31 Days of Praying for Your Husband

Raising Godly Children: 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband (<----Click here for article)

I pinned this article, oh about a year ago, on Pintrest. Story of my life...just now opening it up :) Well, yesterday morning as I woke up early to spend time reading my Bible and praying, I was challenged by the Lord to pray consistently for Waylon. Ouch. I realized I've never developed this as a good discipline in my life. I pray all day long for my kids. I have times of day that are programmed in for prayer for them and we pray as we go with each ouchie or illness or struggle in disobedience. But I have not been a good wife in this area. I go more in "emergency mode" prayer for Waylon, when things are tough. I strongly feel a way for me to truly be a helpmate and love him well is to pray for him consistently. So, here's to developing a habit.

I'm on day 2. And already, I'm blessed for making this commitment. This article has you praying different Scripture over your husband each day, which is awesome. Praying the Word is powerful. It's truth and we want to line ourselves up with it. And, I'm seeing as I meditate on these passages and pray them throughout the day, I'm talking about them with the kids. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. The Word is on my heart and coming out in conversation with my kids. We are sitting together to pray for daddy and in the process, we are cultivating their prayer life as well. I've had them think of someone to pray for and love in this way and am encouraging them to articulate to God their prayers. (Side note: do your kids always pray as if things are already done? Every time, without fail, Judah prays like this, "Thank you God that you have _______." He doesn't ask. He thanks God that He did it already. I always wonder...is this an example of having faith like a child? Whatever is going on, it fuels my faith:) ).

Anyway, I'm getting the word out about this cool article and seeing if anyone wants to join me in seeking to make prayer for our husbands a habit. Any takers??


  1. Thank you for the reminder Natalie! I am joining you, beginning this morning.

    love you! Nancy

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for encouraging me by joining along, Nancy! May your marriage be strengthened as you carry this out. Love you! Natalie

  3. I am absolutely with you! I feel the same, that I make so much time to pray for the kids and Bryan typically gets a few lines toward the end. I'm excited about joining you and being more intentional as I pray for him. I'm gearing up to read "Sacred Influence" by Gary Thomas (wrote Sacred Parenting-so good!- and Sacred Marriage) and the tagline for it is "How God Uses Wives to Shape the Souls of Their Husbands" so I've been really preparing in my heart to enter a new season of prayer and intentionality in our marriage. This is a perfect way to kick it off! Thanks for posting this Natalie. I'm excited about what God will do for our husbands through this!

  4. Thanks for the book reference, Claire. I haven't read any of those, but they sound great! I'm so encouraged to have others joining in. We'll have to touch base along the way and share the work we're seeing done!

  5. I'm asking my small group to join with me in this! I read it when you first posted and then forgot about it. Then, while I was praying today it came to my mind again as something my group should do:) Excited to get started next week!


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