Like Father, Like Son

Lately I cannot get over how much Judah reminds me of his dad. Yes, one look at him gives it away. He is his father's son. (Now that we live in Waylon's hometown, I even had someone stop me in the Dollar Tree and say, "I know who his Daddy is. He could not deny him!" Then she looked at Judah and said, "You're Waylon's son!" Crazy!) But it goes deeper than the surface. 

A story from last week that cracked me up and made me marvel at the similarities again between father and son: 
I was getting the kids ready for bed and Judah picks up one of Clara's babies and begins to tenderly care for the baby, feeding her a bottle, and looks at me and says, "I'm a father." He then places the baby in a stroller and his siblings follow suit. Any excuse for a parade is welcomed in our house! So, we had a stroller parade marching joyfully through our living room, led by Judah. Then, out of no where, Judah begins chanting in a loud voice, "Your sins are forgiven! Your sins are forgiven!" (Thank you, Awana for writing the Word in my children's hearts and minds!) I just laughed and laughed. Judah, gentle, caring father, leading others and proclaiming truth to anyone who would listen. 

Judah is also like his daddy in these ways: he has a great appetite to learn, asking for "school" daily; he likes to know what to expect (schedules are his thing); he has long, skinny fingers and a big second toe; he loves books; and he's developing quite the country twang. I love seeing Waylon in Judah. I can't wait to continue to see who he grows to be.


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