A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Levi David. We gave him this name largely for the meaning, Levi "joined" and David known as "a man after God's heart". We wanted him to be joined to the heart of God. Already, at 3, Levi shows me more of the heart of God than I would have expected. 

He is our resident comedian, whether he tries to be or not, the boy is just funny. Laughter is such a gift. He's sharp...doesn't miss a thing....so often his questions and observations are so honest, but just hilarious. He is also very tender, often quick to speak words of encouragement at just the right time or feel compassion for others. This week he brought heart-warming laughter in these ways:

- At the end of a long day (as we are transitioning to no naps) emotions were running rampant. Waylon looked at Levi and asked jokingly, "Levi, why are you so stinkin' grouchy?" Levi, asks, so seriously in return, "When you're grouchy, you stink???" 

- Yesterday we had a long visit at the health department. Two young women walked in with a young boy and Levi asked me loudly, "He has 2 mommies?!" The women laughed and explained, no, one of them was the mommy and one, a friend. Then comes in a man to join the group. Levi asks him, "Are you his Daddy?" The man doesn't respond. I say, "Levi, he probably didn't hear you." So Levi then loudly asks, "Are you his Daddy?" The man is obviously pretending to not hear Levi at this point. So, Levi persists and asks the man a total of 5 times if he is this boy's Daddy, never to earn a response. I just kept trying to reassure him that it was ok. He was so unaware that this man was clearly ignoring him and completely not recognizing the potential weight that these innocent questions could hold these days. Everyone has a mommy and daddy, right? He was trying to sort this all out for this boy. I really think his heart wanted to know that this boy was taken care of.

- Last night when putting him to bed (another no nap day :)) he begins to break down crying. He finally tells me he had wanted a "Hugga-Mugga" (eskimo kisses in our house). I give him one and then he becomes emotional again and says, "I can't get the cry out of my eyes!" I laughed and explained to him that those were called tears and he said, "Oh, like in my Bible when Jesus dies on the cross and it is very sad? There are tears there in my Bible." Yes, Levi, just like that. 

- Also, just have to share our big time celebration today that was had when Levi wrote his name for the first time!! And smiled next to it, like this:

I'm grateful for this boy, many times a day.


  1. He sounds like such an amazing kid, Natalie. I loved reading your stories about him and getting to know him just a little :) What a sweetheart!


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