Since childhood, one of my favorite movies has been "Steel Magnolias." It's a great film with lots of charming, funny Southern personalities and delivers a whole gamete of emotions. The best movies do...laughter, tears, jaw-dropping surprise. It's down-right good. So, though this movie is really nothing like my real life....I'm not from the South, I don't frequent local beauty parlors, and I haven't (not even close) lived in the same town my whole seems linked to me fondly because I've enjoyed it since I was a young girl. And I quote it often. Hence, CuppaCuppaCuppa.

CuppaCuppaCuppa is a dessert recipe that is given during one of the beauty shop scenes. Dolly Parton plays Truvy, the beauty shop owner, and shares this tried and true recipe with one of the younger girls at the salon that day. It's a simple recipe: (She says it something like this) "It’s a cuppa flour, a cuppa sugar, a cuppa fruit cocktail with the juice. Mix and bake till brown and bubbly. Serve it with ice cream to cut the sweetness." Well, here I am beginning a blog and let me tell you, it's going to be simple. It has to be. First, I don't know anything about what I'm doing with a blog. This level of technology frightens me. Second, I don't have a lot of free time. But I hope it'll be good, like CuppaCuppaCuppa. (Maybe I should actually try this recipe before I claim it's "good." Well, Pioneer Woman did, and she said it was, so we'll go with it.)

My 3 ingredients will be:

1) The stirrings of my heart. I love to process through writing. Always have. And I love to go back and remember what has happened. It fuels my faith to see how God has moved and deepens my trust that He will move again.

(These days the stirrings coming from these books...and my journaling.)

2) Photos. Probably a lot of my kids. I stay home with my 3 kids under 5 (and another coming in July!), so it's what I do. It's what I see and what makes up my days, for the most part, in this season of my life. And I love to hold time still with with a photo. I want to soak up the moments and gifts God allows me to enjoy in my days. I love how pictures slow things down to a halt so the memories can ruminate. 

(Holding time still as we celebrated Clara's 1st Birthday this past year.)

3) Funny stories. I have too many things that happen in my daily life that crack me up with the little personalities and innocence of my children. One of my favorite aspects of being a mom...the easy laughter my kids bring. And come on, we all love to laugh!

(Yesterday's laughter provided by this duo. Levi: "Mom, I'm scared of Judah."; Me: "Why?"; Levi: "Because he's wearing a dress." :) ) 

So, welcome to CuppaCuppaCuppaLife. A concoction I hope you will enjoy.


  1. I am so excited that you started a blog! I am looking forward to seeing your everyday life. miss you so much

    1. Thanks for helping inspire me! Miss you!

  2. I'm SOOOO excited that you're blogging, Natalie! Blogging has been such a great space for me to process and send my heart out there. I can't wait to read your thoughts and continue to learn from you as we do this whole motherhood thing together. I'm looking forward to reading every single one of your posts :)

    1. Yay, I have one reader!! :) You, as well, have been one to inspire me to write. I've loved staying in tune with your life and heart from afar. Thanks for the encouragement! Love to you!


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