Clemmons Kid Line-up

I feel like I've been able to relish my kids and their sweetness more than usual lately. I find myself thinking all the time..."You're SO cute!" and wanting to share stories about them with everyone.

But, seriously, they are so sweet. So uniquely different. It is making the anticipation mount to meet our Samuel and see who he is and the personality he's been given. 

Here's who we have so far....

Judah - my oldest and most cautious with a deep gaze, sizing up everything before jumping in. He has the most energy to burn and could play any sport with great enthusiasm. He responds with big grins when you give him words of encouragement and has a great hunger to learn. He loves having company over and would much rather being playing with someone than by himself. He has a tender spot for his sister Clara and often gives her whatever she wants, even if it means sacrificing something he loves. Clara affectionately calls herself "JuJu's girl" because of this special affection he has for her. He is very visual, often recalling directions to wherever we're going as we drive and is entranced by any form of visual media (he could watch shows all day if I'd let him). He thinks Levi is hilarious and is often found giggling at his brother's silliness.

Levi is the dramatic one and the story teller with a wild imagination. He loves to make people laugh or capture their attention with some crazy story he has dreamed up. He's our blondie that feels strongly about keeping his long hair and has definite opinions about the clothes he wears. He loves adding to his daily ensemble with glasses, ties, hats, backpacks, bells, whatever can help him feel unique. He is very tenderhearted and his meltdowns are often expressed in a heap of tears. He is independent, eager to try everything on his own first, and is very content playing by himself. He could sit and doodle with a marker and paper for hours and loves to work on puzzles. He has a great ear and remembers a tune with ease and finds memorizing a breeze if he hears it. He'll join his brother in his athletic pursuits, but it's usually short-lived once he finds a flower or bug in the yard he wants to explore.

Clara is our only girl, but knows how to hold her own. She is no push-over. Falls and bumps usually don't get much of a rise out of her, but taking something she wants sure will. Then, in typical girl-fashion, emotional tears follow. She is my most independent in nature, ready to conquer any new feat, often way before I am ready to teach her. What she sees her brothers do, she is convinced she can conquer as well, and usually, she can. Her drive for independence makes her a patient, determined worker because she will try and try again until she has mastered her skill. She adapts well in new circumstances, and is most generally very easy-going. She has a love and fascination for animals, no matter the size, and is particularly fond of dogs, cats, and horses. She is a Daddy's girl for sure and can have a hard time sharing him. She has a sweet demeanor and often charms those she meets. 

Love these kiddos and can't wait to see what Samuel will bring to our family!


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