My Morning Pep Talk

Obedience in the small things matter.

That decision that could be good, but you know isn't best? Choose what's best.

That time when you could yet again knit-pickingly correct your child, but you encourage them in what they are doing well instead?  Yes, handing out courage wins.

That moment when you could just growl in frustration over the 1,000th mess of the day, but choose to laugh at it instead? Laughter is an awesome choice.

Those few seconds when you could chose to blame your hurrying on someone else? Yeah, dish out grace this time. Things can wait.

All our little decisions and moments add up. They form our days, that form our seasons, and our lives. They speak of the motivations of our hearts and the direction of our gaze.

Sure we mess up. And I'm oh so grateful that forgiveness and grace are real. But what if we first stepped back to see the bigger picture and walked with a vision before us?

What is your big vision? Remember it. Allow it to help guide you.

Today, and all its little moments, matter.


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