Hurrying, Scurrying, & Missing It

"Mom, did you give me these?" Clara asked me very seriously as she pointed to her eyebrows last night while tucking her into bed.

I chuckled. "Your eyebrows? No, I didn't give you those."

"Oh," she said with a giggle. "Jesus did." Her hair lay in wild wisps around her face and her one dimple on the right deepened.

"I like the way God made you, Clara."

She replied, "I like the way God made everybody....but the mean boys. I like all the girls, and the brothers, and the boy babies, but not the mean boys."

Lately she's been asking for "girl time" daily. She expects her brothers to clear the room and a glorious girly time to be had with barbies, babies, and princess hair.

She has no idea how pure she is.

Looking through a child's eyes takes our focus back to things that are true and simple.

Faith comes easy. God is our maker. He made all things. And He did a good job....except for those mean boys...well, there's an area to learn still more.

Identifying with other girls is right and good for our feminine hearts. We want to be known by other women and we refuel in spending time together.

Hurrying through life can be so commonplace. When the "to do" list is long, task mode is easy. Every night the bedtime routine begins and soon we have teeth brushed, story read, song sung, prayers prayed, and I'm on to the next thing. But there are people there, beckoning, reminding us that relationships are what life is really about.

There is this little girl that is becoming a lady before my eyes, understanding the world around her to a greater degree, nudging me to slow down, and reminding me of what is true.


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