Life with Levi

God gave me 2 boys in 15 months.

At the end of September, we were able to celebrate 4 years with our 2nd born son.

I feel the need more and more to slow down and take in my kids. They're doing it...growing up so fast, like everyone said they would. Now as I snuggle my 3rd son, just 3 months old, I marvel at how in the world it has all transpired. Levi is four. What?!

 Levi came five weeks early, looking nothing like his brother. Though he came a week earlier than Judah, he was almost 3 pounds heavier. He let me know from the start that you don't master raising children, for they are all so different. Levi perplexed me because he didn't like to be rocked (didn't all babies like to be rocked?!), but would rather play himself to sleep under his play mat. And the differences between he and his brother have only continued. It's kept me on my toes, and honestly, makes the boys great playmates.

Levi is the silly one with a vivid imagination. He can often be found making his brother and sister...well, all of us, giggle. Today, for example he had taken his own spin on the jingle from the 80's doll "My Buddy". "My Buddy, My Buddy...everywhere I go, he goes! My Buddy and me!" Remember this?! There was "Kid Sister" too. Well, he obviously had heard us singing this jingle in the past and decided to create his own version. He was found loudly singing in the bathroom this morning, "My booty, My booty...everywhere I go, he goes! My booty and me!" 

He is the one who knows what is right and wants to make sure you do, too. Whether it be telling any smoking person that it is bad for their body to do so, or correcting his sibling's English, Levi is not afraid to let you know what's what. I love him for that. As he matures, I can see him being one who would confidently stand for truth or confront injustice. May he do so courageously. And in the meantime, help me get over fear of man as he tells the lady at the Dollar Tree that she should not be smoking that cigarette.

He is our most affectionate child, needing a kiss, a hug, and a hugga mugga (eskimo kisses) at every bedtime or goodbye. To fail to remember this ritual will leave him in a heap of tears. He has a special "blue bear" stuffed animal that he loves to snuggle at night and accompanies him whenever he needs to feel brave. He is our tenderheart.

Lately his imagination has taken him into another reality of conquering daring rescues as a superhero. He proves himself to us often with remarks of how big he is getting. The other night while tucking him in, he confesses, "Mom, I'm glad I'm a cool ninja." too :)

I love this boy. He is so different than me. I watch him play in true fascination sometimes. Where does he come up with this stuff? I'm glad he is my son. I'm very grateful for all the laughs, adventures, tenderness, and hugga-muggas he adds to our days.


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