Training Time

We're training over here in the Clemmons' home. All of us, in some form or fashion are in training mode.

Clara is trying to conquer potty training, her ABC's, and mothering everyone in the house (me included...yeah, we're working on that!).

Judah & Levi are training their minds by learning phonics and number work, training their spirits by memorizing Scripture, training their hearts by learning how to love well with 4 kiddos in the house, and, of course, as 4 & 5 year old boys, are in constant super hero training, perfecting their costumes and improving the story lines of their daring rescues on a daily basis. 

Waylon is a couple months deep in firemen training, experiencing all the physical demands this job expects. He is also in lack-of-sleep training as he juggles his regular 2nd shift job, the firemen training, and a full-time school load. I know. He's a great man.

Samuel is sleep training (a very loose form of such...more along the lines of learning to sleep in any location, under any circumstances type of training) and in perhaps the most delightful training I can think of: learning to smile, giggle, and coo. What a great little guy he is to have around!

And me, I'm training to homeschool my children (a most humbling endeavor, that I have decided will have to make me look more like Jesus as I daily stare my weaknesses in the face) and training my body to exercise again after a long vacation in this department. I'm even doing push ups. My body is freaking out. 

All this training has required investment. Time is so precious to us in this season. We are keeping our eyes on the goal and giving what we've got every day to be faithful. It's not always pretty. It's downright painful at times. But, we know it's all worth it. We're here celebrating each little step of progress as it comes. 


  1. I love the photo in the bathroom, just a little glimpse into life with lots of littles!!! I feel like it shows the real life - I'm right there with you!!! (Except the real life frequently includes a few spills and probably some poop in that tub - at least it does for us!)
    you're doing a great job Natalie!!!


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