Dear Samuel

Dear Samuel,

You're here now. And we couldn't be happier...each one of us in our family. Judah follows you around all day waiting to touch you and talk to you. He can't wait to introduce everyone to "our baby." Levi likes to find you with your eyes open and teach you things. He's been teaching you a lot about ducks lately. You'll learn a lot from him. Clara calls you "baby brother" and often wants to know if you're alright or where you are if she isn't near you. Daddy can't get over how handsome you are and holds you with pride. And me....well, so much stirs in my heart in our quiet moments together.

God has done a work in my heart as a momma. Thankfully, it's so much easier than it used to be to lay my desires and hopes aside and just be a momma that loves, whatever may come. Late night wake up calls from you don't leave me frazzled, but instead marveling at your tiny little body that is so full of life. Granted, you have been a gem of a baby....very content from the start. But still, I celebrate the work that God has done that I may embrace you with great joy. You are a precious gift. And sleep will come someday. But today, you are tiny and eat often and give me still moments around the clock to care for you. I love our today.

You look a lot like your big brother Judah...same eyes (I think yours will be brown too), same brown hair, similar noses, and a slim frame. You have your Daddy's dimples that make me smile every time they appear. You have my toes (trust me...this is a good thing! Have you seen Daddy's toes?!). 

You make little grunting noises as you sleep. A little hmm-ing sound that lets me know you're well.

You are already becoming more and more the things we have prayed for you to be. Samuel who brought great comfort. You, son, have been like a balm to my heart. You have rightly put things into perspective when I look at your thriving life. And it's not just me....I've seen troubled hearts soften and put at ease as they hold you. May you continue to bring comfort to hearts that are heavy.

I look forward to learning more about who you have been made to be.  

You are a precious gift. You are loved.


Your Momma


  1. Amen and Amen Mrs.NatClem :) The mouth speaks as the heart overflows...may your cuppa ever overflow with the goodness of the Lord.

  2. Very Handsome he is!!!! Beautiful words.


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